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  1. Just because patterns sometimes occur and situations may sometimes raise eyebrows doesn’t mean the site is cheating in any way. So many factors are in play when it comes down to gambling online. I think this will be a good series to help people understand why some of these things happen but at the end of the day, the site is a business—it wouldn’t be around for long if it were scamming people and they’re not going to risk their brand that they are building by scamming small fractions of crypto from people.
  2. This all makes perfect sense and accurately reflects my experiences with this site, as well. I have constantly complained about the patterns that are so blatantly obvious. I often thought they had a bot that will manipulate the results accordingly but I would never be able to prove that other than by showing how unbelievable the results are sometimes on my transaction records. The site has way too many coincidences in its favor for anyone to believe its completely random. The fact that you cant check some of the games until after you close the seed also makes the provably fair aspect null/void because then its nothing but a detailed transaction record. It also makes sense why the third party games are more consistent, even though players cannot verify results or change the seed--it's because the only thing they can manipulate on those is the RTP which is then advertised. I am not accusing the site of rigging games or cheating or even having a bot. I am simply saying that it would make sense if any of these things were true because the outcomes certainly do not feel random...and too many players are having the same experiences which means something is definitely not random....
  3. This is all great and interesting information, and I look forward to learning more. I want to learn more about the Blackjack on this site and if the probability resets after each shuffle, etc. The dealer getting 4 Blackjacks in a row over multiple sessions or beating high cards by 1 should be rare, I would think, but I will admit I am clueless so I am hoping to learn more there.
  4. Yeah, I agree. I know it’s based off of the current seed and each individuals experience so I’m glad some people are having success with it. I have learned to stay away from it now too especially after the deck went into ‘negative’ numbers one of the last times I played. I’m not sure how or why that happened but it went into -7 cards which would have been okay to ignore as a glitch if the deck reshuffled and had 7 less cards but it reshuffled with the full number of cards….The dealer then got 5 BJ in a row. While the support staff is extremely friendly and helpful (they have always provided me with the absolute best customer service I’ve ever experienced in the industry) on most issues, they basically just tell me that there are no game issues if I ever report something that doesn’t seem right so I don’t even bother reporting potential errors any more. I like the third party black jack games much better.
  5. That’s great that you are successful when playing this game. I, unfortunately, have the complete opposite experience. The dealer will get Blackjack 3-5 times in a row over multiple days and sessions which the odds of that happening even once are very very low. Also, the dealer will beat me by 1 point when I have a high hand almost 7/10 times. If I have 18, the dealer will get 19; I have 20, the dealer will get 21. Again-this happens with multiple seed changes over multiple sessions over multiple days. I guess it’s just bad luck, huh?
  6. Earlier today, 9 out of the 10 hands I played ...the dealer got blackjack. please someone prove the fairness to me.
  7. Yep I have noticed that too. Bring it to supports attention and they don’t care. They say “we are provably fair” or “when you gamble you are risking money.” It’s ridiculous. Also, what cracks me up is this casino pretty much tells you you’re going to lose. Look at the forum rules. One of them is to post “when” you lose. Not “if” you lose. Something is not right in these games but no one on their end believes me. So I continue screen recording all sessions and continue to build my case.
  8. I hate that it’s happening but glad I’m not the only one experiencing it. I mean I can sit there and predict what the dealer will get about 70% of the time. So I know the obvious question is “why do I keep playing it?” Well because I keep hoping it’ll stop doing these things and offer an actual chance for players to win on it. I’ve won before on it multiple times but over the course of about the last 6-8 weeks, it has been the same thing over and over. I have even been keeping details of my bets which is something I shouldn’t even have to do. I am sure they will publicly say there’s not a glitch while privately fixing even though we unfairly lost money due to any glitches which is why I have kept such detailed records. If this game is glitching, the other ones likely are too although those can actually be proven to be fair. And I am not trying to accuse the site of cheating or purposely scamming anyone but I am saying there is something not right happening with that game. It’s going to end up costing them a lot more to fix it the longer it drags on because if they continue to ignore me, I will just present everything to their licensing agent. I am sure either way we will never be compensated for any errors that are present but at least people can stop being treated unfairly.
  9. I have been playing Blackjack consistently on this site and am wondering if the game has a major glitch in it or is my luck just that terrible on this site? My luck is pretty balanced on other sites so I’m just curious if others experience the same things on this site? I have broken down various things that make me believe there is a glitch—either in the game or in my luck. I have asked customer service to check it multiple times but they usually just tell me the definition of “gambling” and ignore my concern. (I know what gambling is and I don’t mind losing if it’s fair and games are working properly). Anyway, let me know what you all think. Things that happen almost every session of the game: Dealer will get multiple (3-6 in a row) Blackjacks. Odds of getting 4 in a row is 4.2%. Odds of getting 5 in a row is 1 in 4,200,000. 5 in a row has happened several times. 7 out of 9 times if I start with 13, I draw a 10 on my first card. 6 out of 9 times if I start with 11, the dealer gets Blackjack. Of the 3 times on average I get 11 and the dealer gets no Blackjack, 2 out of the 3 will get a 1 or 2 when I try to double my bet. Dealer almost never busts. Things that happen every 2-3 sessions: Dealer beats me by 1 every single hand that it wins on. It will win more times than I will and beats me by 1. Of these times it beats me by 1, 75% of the time it will get 21 when I get 19 or 20. Dealer will tie with me 4-5 rounds in a row out of 15. It’s almost always when I get 20 or Blackjack. The reason I think these are glitches is because when I increase my bet, these behaviors occur more frequently. Also, there’s no way to prove this game is fair because of the nature of it so if a glitch did exist, we can’t verify it anyway because the way to check ends up being just a glorified transaction history. This means that if people report it to the support staff, we have no proof until after the fact so they just think we are sore losers and tell us what gambling is and ignore us. So what do you think? A glitch or just bad luck that has occurred every single time I play?
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