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  1. J'ai remporté 123 000€ sur votre site de casino en ligne, mais mes gains n'ont pas été crédités sur mon compte. Je demande une résolution rapide de ce problème conformément à vos conditions d'utilisation, et reste disponible pour toute information supplémentaire. Merci de traiter cette réclamation avec la diligence nécessaire.


  2. I knew it.... You are spy!! Arrest him at once. . . btw the quad king you hit in January? Such amazing, very time travel...
  3. @NoobKrusherThey are untouchable. Think of how much money they have at their disposal. Even if you could somehow find the operator[s], they are likely positioned outside the jurisdiction of any legal reproach, so you're going to be needing some more soldiers. In the casino bankroll, there is the equivalent of about $3m.for each coin. Site has been running for about 3 years, with great success. So you gotta low-ball guess the operators profit is at least some multiple of that combined total. Your complaints here are quite far outside any rational assessment when you consider that there is no actual motive. It's in the better interest of the casino to leave your account exactly as you had it, and to let you bet your own coin without tampering the values. VIP 16 cut down to VIP 1 sounds like a login malfunction. For instance, if you click a Bcgame link from within the Telegram application, a WebView window will open up and you'll be thrown into a brand new account with your telegram username. The same goes if you set your account up with your Google email address and a password, but later try and use the Google sign-in feature rather than sign in with email and password... If you do this, a brand new account is opened. As a computer science major, you have only yourself to blame when falling for phishing scams, and even more so when failing to configure two-factor authentication on any accounts which handle money, no less an online casino. While I agree that the shit-coin casino is, in general, a very controversial enterprise that should probably be shut down, there needs to be less money walking away from it for it to be considered a criminal enterprise. Lots of people play and win, and withdraw more than they put in. They do so at the expense of those who put in more... it's rather genius. In conclusion, it's very doubtful the casino is responsible for any of the things you've listed above. I personally think you fell for a dplay or freebitco phishing link or email or whatever, and you also neglected to set up 2-FA. That's what it looks like to me.
  4. Given that every bet starts with hashing the string made by combining server seed hash and client seed string, this should prove to be a bit of a challenge without a way to either query my own bets one at a time to test in compiler via API or maybe use canary to hijack the redirect from the verify button.... [which could be incredibly time consuming] OR maybe you guys can give us an old dump of sequential bet data with many different server/client seed pairs?
  5. It's plain as day. Check your eyes? things aren't always as they seem.
  6. @Oinker Dude you even put your racket in a handy excel spreadsheet and slapped up a screenshot.... It sucks that many people will likely read this first post of yours and make up their mind that BCGame is a bad place. Even worse is that they will spread this disinformation without even thinking twice. The very second you figured out that there was a way to game the casino using their own bonus, you should have alerted someone. Instead, you funneled money into it for profit. You are lucky they aren't pressing charges. Really, really fucking lucky.
  7. you are closer to being correct but with odds of 1 in 66,000 you're likely to hit stretches of 180,000 red rolls or more, completely regardless of whatever seed you choose.
  8. you're wrong. The odds are to hit 1000x are actually 1 in 66666.6666667.
  9. How to unlock bc? 

  10. я вооще не понимаю как здесь деньги делать , выполняя их задания ниче не получается.

    можешь подсказать.


    1. observe


      да ли сте покушали казино?😄

  11. how can i add the casino to my actual website????

    REAL QUESTION. I wanted to add a casino to my website. 

    1. observe


      Why are you asking me?

    2. Mohsen13
  12. Be excellent to each other. Party on.

    1. shadkam


      رمز موفقیت برنامه همینه ،باهم دوست باشیم.


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