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  1. How long ago did BC change the autobet behavior to instead of stopping when there wasn't enough money to place the next bet (this is the has been the behavior for years the entire time i have been playing in fact), to the scammy behavior they have now, which is instead of stopping so you can make an informed decision it will just go ahead and bet everything you have left? This is fucked behavior and its fairly new. It doesn't make sense that if the autobet should be trying to plays a 90$ bet, but only has 30$, that it will just go ahead and place the 30$ instead. That is them deciding on my bet size for me and not it doing as i had dictated. I mean they have already taken almost all of the reasons to even look in this casino's direction away. Now they are going to try to scam the little guy out of their last few dollars with this bullshit type of stunt?
  2. Skele

    Skip step crash

    @Horlique2 var config = { baseBet: { label: "base bet", value: 0.1, type: "number" }, payout: { label: "payout", value: 1.5, type: "number" }, waitReds: { label: "wait for reds to start:", value: 3, type: "number" }, betMultiplier: { label: "on loss multiplier", value: 3, type:"number" }, stopLossPercentage: { label: "Percentage of bankroll to lose before stop.", value: 75, type: "number"}, cheatSheet: { label: "Payout/NumReds, 2/5, 10/20, 100/200, 1000,2000", type: "title" }, }; var numReds = 0; var numAttemps = 0; var ringNumber = 1; var loadedHistory = false; var stopLossAmount = 0; var amountLostSinceLastWin = 0; var originalbalance = currency.amount; var runningbalance = currency.amount; function main() { var target = config.payout.value * 100; var currentBet = (config.baseBet.value ==0 ) ? (runningbalance * 0.005) : config.baseBet.value; game.onBet = function () { if(!loadedHistory) { loadedHistory = true; for(i=19; i >= 0; i--) { let crashValue = game.history[i].crash; if(crashValue < target) { numReds++; } else { numReds = 0; } } } else { let cv = game.history[0].crash; if(cv < target) { numReds++; } else { numReds = 0; } } log.success("the redcount is " + numReds); if(numReds > config.waitReds.value) { if(numAttemps == 0) { stopLossAmount = currency.amount * config.stopLossPercentage } numAttemps++; if(numAttemps % (config.waitReds.value/2) == 0) { ringNumber++; } log.success("We are betting " + currentBet); game.bet(currentBet, config.payout.value).then(function (payout) { runningbalance -= currentBet; if (payout > 1) { runningbalance += currentBet * config.payout.value log.success("you won after " + numAttemps + " attempts."); numAttemps = 0; numReds=0; ringNumber = 1; stopLossAmount = 0; amountLostSinceLastWin = 0; currentBet = runningbalance * 0.005; } else { amountLostSinceLastWin += currentBet; currentBet *= config.betMultiplier.value; log.error( "We lost, attempt " + numAttemps + " on ring " + ringNumber + " current redCount is: " + numReds + "."); if((amountLostSinceLastWin + currentBet) > stopLossAmount) { log.error("We have lost " + config.stopLossPercentage.value +"% so we are going to stop."); game.start(); } } }); } else { log.success('Number of current red games is ' + numReds + ' so we will continue waiting.'); } }; }
  3. Skele

    Skip step crash

    @Horlique2 Whats your telegram and i can get that for you.
  4. So the violation was using a coin drop script, are you saying you do not use a script? If you have then your stealing from the other players, and you would have gone against the terms of service. I would expect them to give your deposit back though, but would guess they would hold on to the other coin presumably because it was claimed in coin drops where they thought a script was used.
  5. why not try just creating your own content.
  6. This is a bastardization of my script with a bunch if hard coded values, why wouldn't you just make the increase in bet value a function of the number of losses, instead of hard coding all of those in there? Smh this is why AI will ruine the few thinking people this world has left.
  7. Skele

    Skip step crash

    @Jsastzrjoyb @dramdani I realize this is kind of an old thread but did you guys get the help you needed with your scripts
  8. Nope your reference is going to be writing out properties to their log function if you want to keep it in their sandbox environment. The only documentation. Is the few paragraphs in the scripting menu.
  9. The easiest way to do this is to use game.history, that property is an array of the last 20 games and their results. Here is an simple example you can throw right into the crash script are and play with. Note that if you want only the previous game is will always be at index 0 of history. so game.history[0].crash is the value you want but noticed it is actually 100x larger than what is displayed but with no decimal. I trust you should be able to take it from here. var config = { baseBet: { label: "base bet", value: 0.1, type: "number" }, payout: { label: "payout", value: 10, type: "number" }, stopLossPercentage: { label: "Percentage of bankroll to lose before stop.", value: 75, type: "number"} }; function main() { var target = config.payout.value * 100; var currentBet = config.baseBet.value; game.onBet = function () { var balance = currency.amount; var minBet = currency.minAmount; var maxBet = currency.maxAmount; for(i=19; i >= 0; i--) { let crashValue = game.history[i].crash; log.info(crashValue); } if(true) { // short circuiting this so that it doesn't actually bet put adding the bet and result handling for an example. return; } game.bet(config.bet.value, config.payout.value).then(function(payout) { if(payout > 1) { log.success("We won, payout " + payout + "X!"); } else { log.error("We lost, payout " + payout + "X!"); } }); } }
  10. i am working on it give me a few minutes. Here you go i made sure it loaded but that was all the validation i did really. So make sure the logic is still correct and good luck. var config = { betTitle:{ label: 'Bets', type: 'title' }, baseBet: { label: 'Base Bet', value: currency.amount * 0.00000100 , type: 'number' }, payoutTitle: { label: 'Payout Section (There is a high and a low value, when set a random value will be chosen between these numbers)', type: 'title' }, chanceLow: { label: 'percentage change to set payout low', value: 45, type: 'number' }, chanceHigh: { label: 'percentage change to set payout high', value: 55, type: 'number' }, stoppingConditions: { label: 'Stopping Conditions', type: 'title' }, targetProfit: { label: 'Target Profit', type: 'number', value: currency.amount * 1.05 } }; var base = config.baseBet.value; var base2 = base; var chance = 50; var nextbet = base; var targetprofit = config.targetProfit.value; var ppc = 1.005; var tg = base; var mt = 1; var bethigh = false; var balmax = currency.amount * 1.001; var previousbet = nextbet; var startingBalance = currency.amount; var runningBalance = currency.amount; function main() { game.onBet = function(){ // this random function will return a number between 1 and 3 inclusively so (1,2,3) if that is not the desired behavior you should modify the inputs. if(GetRandomInt(1, 3) % 2 == 0) { bethigh = true; } else { bethigh = false; } chance = GetRandomInt(config.chanceLow.value, config.chanceHigh.value); log.info("Multi: " + mt); if((runningBalance - startingBalance) >= config.targetProfit.value) { game.stop(); log.info(""); log.info(""); log.info(">>> Profit reached: " + profit.toFixed(8)); log.info(""); log.info(""); } game.bet(nextbet, (99.00/chance)).then(function(payout) { // also making the assumption here that profit is supposed to be the profit just from the last bet. So a loss should be -betamount and a win would be betamount * payout - betamout // if this is not the case and you wanted a running netProfit you will have to add that in yourself to track it as the balance value is only ever accurate when the script initially starts. its like a snap shot. let profit = currentBet * config.payout.value - currentBet; // Didn't see this declared anywhere just used below so i am initializing it before the nextbet is modified previousbet = nextbet; runningBalance -= previousbet; if(payout > 1) { runningBalance += previousbet * payout; if(profit >= tg) { tg = profit * ppc; nextbet = base2; } else { if(profit >= 0) { mt = 1; } else { mt = -1; } nextbet = profit * mt * 0.15 + base; } } else { if(profit >= 0) { mt = 1; } else { mt =- 1; } nextbet = previousbet * (chance/25); if( nextbet >= profit) { base = previousbet * 0.1 + base } } if(runningBalance >= balmax) { balmax = runningBalance * 1.001 nextbet = base2 log.info("balmax: " + balmax) } }) } } function GetRandomInt(min, max) { var retValue = Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min; return retValue; } function GetRandomFloat(min, max) { var retValue = Math.parseFloat((Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min).toFixed(4)); return retValue; }
  11. @Sjjmhwpenyb hit me up on telegram.
  12. yeah it interacting with the UI doesn't matter to me either, i already recreate limbo's UI for when i am on shuffle. so it wouldn't be hard at all actually to just reuse that stuff. And this method should work for all the games i would imagine. Except for maybe beauties. Hit me up on TG. @skele69 @Sjjmhwpenyb
  13. I completely agree with the experience becoming worse and worse, and especially that the hosts are essentially pointless. I would also like to tag on that the loss in trust was a huge one for me. First with all the promoting and hoopla to get people to wager and get excited for the DEGEN PASS, and then for them to just drop that like it never happened, that was shady as shit. Also the first rake back they took away, that sucked but i get it, trying to take away the locked bcd, which was promotional stuff they gave us. A company can't be an indian giver there are enough of those as players already. The having to wager 1:1 to withdraw is also bullshit i think, its your money you put it in, why do you have to risk it to pull it back out? Wagering 30 or 40 to 1 for the free money from spins and shit i can understand, but not to withdraw my own deposit.
  14. Dude this is pretty awesome. And yes the Hashes on the files will change whenever they update. Thanks for this though.
  15. Most likely will take some investigating to figure it out. My guess is that it is all now being done in a service worker, so you would have to figure out the correct message and send it. But I don't know for sure. I guess the other way you can do it is to automate through the actual UI, as in actually call click on the button etc.. The problem here is that they do something funky with the bet amount field so that even if you set it programatically it won't persist unless you click into the field. My guess as to what they are doing there is they are checking for a property on events that will tell you if it is actually a user event. Unfortunately you can't fake this in a client side script. You can however fake it in a browser plugin.
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