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Wanna Stay Boosted?

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I'm  working on building a solid tip grp of players who keep each other boosted on every good win. Once the grp is formed to at least 20 solid ppl I'll be the first to start our grp tip cycle then anyone at anytime can send tip to all grp members n remain boosted with solid cycle of each members support. Add me,  reply here ir pm me. Once the grp reaches at least 20 members I'll be the first to start the cycle of tips, then all members at anytime may join the rotation to keep each other boosted.  Members will need to send all member at least 1 tip each week or they will be removed from the grp. To rejoin,  the member will need to pm me for the most recent list of member to send tips to. 

Whose down to join & stay boosted? 

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good lluck . i tried doing that already didnt work. your not putting being a degen into factor and also . not everybody will have coin or remember everybody else.. been three years.  and it hasnt happened. cant be done. doesnt matter though. after awhile each person will start getting account risked . they dont give a shit about long term players. plus your just plain non realistic thinking somebody will share there recent tips  and be loyal at the same time hahahhbwahaahhaah poopingrobot

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robert m whitten

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On 8/6/2022 at 7:36 AM, mistahb415 said:

baby sign me up


DM me anytime n let's join forces! 



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