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Why did BC.Game ripped challenge participant off for taking 375$ out of the prizepool?


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On the Limbochallenge, 1st placed person got banned and was not able to withdraw his funds.

I was told BC.Game would not correct it and issue the prizemoney correctly after this, because that person was already in the winnerslist etcetc:


They disadvantaged the players with 750$ in total and who knows what even happened to that money?


Now on the Ultimate dice challenge this same person (who played this challenge before he got banned) is placed in the winnerslist again as 2nd place.



This time BC.Game was 100% certain of this, before they made the ranking, and ripped us off again, with full knowledge.

I double checked if the person was able to claim it, and the plain answer was no: he is banned on bcgame account and on forum.






This will be my last post, I'm totally done with BC.Game screwing people for such little money. Imagine what they are able to in screwing us without us being aware of it.

I wagered 11 million $ here, which was my biggest mistake ever in my gambling period.

Anyway, I already moved my activities to another platform. 

Won't depo another penny here.

Maybe I see some of you on other platforms (since there are allot other options to platforms which are not shady/screwing loyal players).


Best regards,



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I stand with u man, I got ripped of the guranteed weekly cashback challenge too,

I messaged admins several time but no reply.

They even put my account under review for simply inquiring about why I didnt receive what I am owed.

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Hey Bassa, there's an ongoing investigation right now, and although I'm not at liberty to discuss the specifics, rest assured that if the outcome results in a full exclusion, we will reissue the rewards table and prizes accordingly.

While I share and appreciate your passion for maintaining a level playing field on the platform, it's important to remember that sometimes, when an issue is still being addressed, small matters can be blown out of proportion with inaccurate details.

We will be releasing a statement about this situation in the near future.

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Appreciated it that the results are corrected afterwards.

Thanks for the fix.

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