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Does BC have different versions of slots?


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The leaderboards on all No limit Slots is different than the ones on the same game at different casinos. The RTP is the same and even the version number, but the leaderboard shows a completely different list of top/recent wins. 

This leads me to believe that some if not more of the slots at BC are different versions than the same slots at different casinos. 

I'm not saying this is bad or anything but if it is true I just wonder why this is? Just trying to understand. 

For example for the game Tombstone RIP. The leaderboard at all other casinos I checked is the same. It shows the same wins exactly. But at BC it shows a completely different list. 

This is important for me because I follow live RTP statistics to try and determine which slot I want to play. But if BC has some unknown different version of the slot then the data is useless. 

So if anyone from BC can enlighten me please on the following:

Are the slots at BC in some way different then the same slot elsewhere? If so, why? 

If this is true for No limit Slots, is it true for others as well from other providers? If so, which ones? 


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Which casinos do you mean, in particular? I am not sure about sharing the results, stats or even the jackpots between non-partner casinos. However, many casions belong under one provider (e.g. Spinamba, FortuneClock and some others, all operated by one company...) - but this is just my non-professional opinion. 

However, what I am pretty sure about is that many slot providers/developers offers their solutions to end-customers (casinos) and I could imagine that within the service package there might be some option allowing cross-sharing certain data. For example if I start my own casino right now, I would appreciate if my slots would be conneted in some kind of network with shared pot, because it will help to attract new customers. Here's an example of what I am talking about:  https://www.softgamings.com/  maybe you found the answer out there......

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