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Slow and steady wins no race I want to be in!!!


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First off let me apologize as I checked the forum pretty hard and didn't see this specifically addressed so it it is please move this post to the appropriate thread.

Ok *deep inhale* I hate turtle!  Strong word yes but no other word could convey the utter disgust I get when I log on to see I have received 4 different rains from 4 different people all for 20 turtle a piece.  I hate these people that think they are being generous by spreading less than a penny worth of crypto to 50+ people and I hate the shitcoin that is turtle.  

There are counter arguments to mine and I have a few solutions in mind but their points are more valid now that JB has some use cases.  I personally only rage get turtle when I've lost everything else and personally it doesn't help me one bit losing all I've accumulated going for 100,000x in crash in one swift kick of the turtle.  

Other than this coin being essentially worthless and clearly the players agree or they wouldnt be so quick to send out those turtle as soon as they get to the 1000 coin threshold to rain upon it's victims.  You can prove me wrong and post a non specific withdrawal chart of turtle coins by players in say the last 6 months.  I have a feeling that you could do that counting on one hand tho.  Hence worthless shitcoin.  My other biggest issue is that when I receive turtle as rain it is then dropping me out of possibility of receiving any coin other than turtle.  I love Doge and its worth 1/3 of a penny per coin.  That is still some value tho.  I am not alone and I ask any players who read this to argue against or share in my hate for this coin and how often it is rained by people who would give their best friends a re-gifted item that they didn't want and call that kindness.  I call that no longer my friend as well as smacking myself in my turtle eggs as ai should never misjudge an idiot jagoff as my friend or even a friend's friend but I digress.  Here is my proposed solutions to all of my and also compromise to the sick bastards that say "I like getting turtle" or "hey a coins a coin".  No just no.  

So first and most fair to everybody at BC would be just raise how much you need for a min to rain.  15k or 20k does that seem steep? Let's keep Fiat value as perspective and that would mean as now he equivalent would be to set Doge rain min to 1.42 that gets spread to 50+ people.  Nobody wants that either.  Set it to an equivalent fiat value and I can't argue even tho I still will hate that coin forever.  That is the most fair and logical answer to something that makes my blood boil quicker than a walk in hell.

Option two, one that I prefer but doesn't act as a universal fix.  This option would be to allow players to opt out of turtle rains.  Just let me watch and never ever be jealous of these turtle orgies going on..........like they are frickin rabbits and not turtle after all.  Hmmmm.  It's too late ai already painted the image and your imagination took it from there.  I would love a self exclusion from any players attempting to give me their literal unwanted garbage.  Those are my two ideas please utilize one and quickly.  I can't take much more.  I think I'm allergic.  Do Turtle count as shellfish.  Oh God!  Where's my EpiPen!!!!!

That is all.  May those that agree let their voices call to the admin like sirens in the night, you old sailors, you.  Thank you for hearing my grievance.  It is of the utmost importance to me..........and my survival.

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" I love Doge and its worth 1/3 of a penny per coin. "

JB would need to go right off.

VNDC is barely worth more than TRTL, everything you said applies to this coin as well.

DOGE too, not worth shit per coin, so should go by the wayside, like you say,  nothing worse than logging in to see you got half a doge or 2 doge and its not even worth 1 cent.

The coins not broken, I dont think it needs fixed.  You just dont like it 😛


There are other coins with more value, other coins listed with less value.  As long as a coin isnt negative value some magical way, I am happy with it.


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Japakar, did you thoroughly read my post.  I mean from start to finish and then process it.  I'm guessing you didn't or English isn't your first language even tho you might be fluent in it, interpretation can always be tough to read between the lines.  

My problem with turtle isn't just that it is worth Jack and also crap.  That is in reality the main issue, fundamentally, but it is not the main issue in the context I wrote of.  My issue that the coin known as turtle is given to every player everyday in the wheel spin.  Every player receives it.  Every player receives no other coin daily but JB and once you are level 22 now, JB is far more valuable than turtle as it has use cases. Turtle has shit in cases and on cases but does not have a feasible us case unless you want to grind it up to 1 million turtle and then cash out the $12-$14 that you would have and it to one of the few exchanges that is dealing with that shitcoin and then send it to your wallet or whatever you chose the destination of the crypto you just exchanged for to go.

This still is not my biggest problem with turtle, nope.  My problem with turtle isn't gets rained by far the most out of any coin on BC.Game by far.  It is rained with such regularity that I can come back on after being off the site for say 8+ hours and when I come back what do I have of 5 turtle rains and nothing else.  Why is that the case?  Why does that make me so upset? Well when you give away a coin for free that is worth 1/1000 or less of a penny then make the rain minimum only 1000 then it equates to a shit ton of rains of it.  Most of those rains are around the minimum as well so screw turtle.  You wanna know why that really bothers me?  There is a rain algorithm and it typically cycles you to the pool of people at the top then when you receive a rain you get bumped down and sit out for a few at least.  So when I receive 10 or 20 turtle that is the fakest regifting I've ever witnessed because nobody is being kind or generous by giving away 1000-10000 turtle.  They just aren't.  They think they are but they who do that don't know much about life and what it really means to be generous.

 Im guessing you yourself have rained some turtle haven't you, Japakar?  How many times would you guess you have rained a worthless coin thinking you were the man?  C'mon be honest.  Anyways don't dish up anybody that weak ass sauce bro.  People want the heat, we want what's hot, we want the fiyah.  We don't want that, it's nothing close to fiyah.  Keep your turtle to yourself.

Also in my OP I said I like Doge coin.  A lot of people do that is why you see it tipped so often.  I am not a snobby man and I dont have a heavily discerning criticism of any crypto except when it has no value and we are on a casino site. Let me break it down this way.  1 Doge is about 1/3 of a penny.  One turtle is 1000 of a penny.  Minimum rain for Doge is 100.  Minimum rain for turtle is 1000.  That means fiat value of a min Doge rain would be about 33 or 34 cents, min rain for turtle would be a penny if that.  Turtle has such little value its not worth my time to check the price of it on even a weekly basis.  I think the minimum doge rain is too low also.  I think it should be more like 250-300.  However I will accept a rain of 2 doge all day.   Thats almost a penny right there.  20 turtle makes feel a turtle head somewhere just not anywhere someone wants to feel a turtlehead poppin out.  


Last but not least you made a reference to VNDC.  You stated that I should hate VNDC as much as turtle ae it has around the same amount of value.  Guess what Jakky?  I cant ever remember getting any VNDC nor seeing anybody post a winning bet with it because nobody plays with it.  It also certainly isnt given out for free to every player every single day is it?  Here is one more news flash for you.  VNDC MIN TO RAIN IS.......DRUMROLL PLEASE..........JAPAKAR I SAID DRUMROLL, START DRUMMING.........20,000 VNDC OR 20 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF TURTLE.  Your arguments are as weak as sauce you serving for dinner with that dry, overcooked rubber chicken.  Tastes just like turtle tho, your gonna love it!

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Settle down

(Japakar was right btw).

You haven't said what's wrong w/ TRTL, you mentioned other users not being generous, the way the bc.game rain works, and that this site gives it out to many users as though that somehow makes the value depreciate (in fact it INCREASES the value, but nm that) 

The value of a single unit of any cryptocurrency is meaningless, there would be no difference if 1 TRTL equaled $1, or even a million.

Plus, your only critique of TRTL focuses on what is actually a superior feature. It's much easier to conceptualize, remember, and communicate value when coins are low value (e.g. 2,000 is clearer, easier to work w/ than .000002), fewer mistakes are made.

You've said literally nothing about the coin itself, except for essentially not liking where the decimal place is. TRTL is superior to Bitcoin, Ethereum and others most significantly on sites like these b/c of cost. TRTL costs are almost zero, you have to pay a lot of money to use the biggest currencies, it's a no-brainer. 

(BTW my first TRTL I got last week. I turned the 80 TRTL daily login bonus into the equiv. of a couple hundred dollars in one sitting. If you can't make it work, perhaps you're not to blame but the currency and the other users certainly are not, especially not the ones giving you free money). 

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