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What to do with remaining Gingerbread balance?



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Hello, there is no use case or benefit to GB coins anymore, as it has met the intended purpose and Gingerbread Carnival has been concluded. It will be removed sometime soon.


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I would put it in you're vault and hold on to it. Who knows maybe this year they will have the same event goings-on and you could get a step ahead 

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I used mine to get the medal for the 99,000x payout... the minimum bet is like .02 GB or something like that... I fell asleep playing limbo on auto and woke up with the medal.

it was my 5th medal so I technically did turn my otherwise useless GB into $20 BCD. there is at least one other medal for quantity of bets that GB could be used to achieve.

maybe one day they'll let us recycle that shit to unlock our BCD or something *hint, hint*

we've got 4 site-specific coins now and only 1 of 4 (BCD) can be swapped for off-site use... if they keep making new coins, eventually they'll have to offer a way to recycle unusable ones, probably as a VIP feature or something.  there was once talk about a JB Shop of some sort, so maybe something like that.

otherwise, dive into a new strategy/use it to test parameters of auto bet and play around with scripts.

or remove it from your favorite coins list and never look at it again.

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