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If you Withdraw do not play this game.


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**i deleted my comment because I have since found out that the article to which I was referring had a mistake in its definition and I don’t know how to delete my comment from here haha**

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On 7/18/2021 at 10:22 AM, CryptoMiner777 said:

I have proven it. The URL glitch on crash on your guys end allows the url to refresh mid game and take the players coins even if their game is still going and hasn’t crashed yet. That’s scam number 1. Second I watched the hash’s that come out and I know how you have a bot tracker set because when a player bets small the bot plays nice it methodically picks when a player bets big to begin giving 5, 10, 20, sometimes even 40+ losses in a row mathematically that is not even possible unless you believe 1 in 10-20 trillion is probable essentially you would have a better chance of winning the lottery 10 times in a row at that point. You use this bot to manipulate the seed hash script and you can deny it all you want. I went to MIT for programming and I know the sketchy behavior here. You tweaked the script because big players started winning here, online casino’s do this all the time who are not legally regulated because you can do it and not face criminal charges. If you had regulations you would already be shut down. You can fool most people but not me. You crooks can steal from players by cheating them out of their money which is immoral and wrong but what goes around comes around and since you refuse to fix the URL glitch on crash that causes the url to refresh mid game and you refuse to address the many glitches I have sent to support aka the bot you are using, I reported the site to the regulatory bodies who manage these issues, Odds are your URL domain will be pulled for illegally operating without measures in place to prevent money laundering and you are offering interest on assets without a license that’s 2 infractions right there. I don’t even want my crypto refunded I would rather see another site like this one that’s shady be taken down to protect innocent players who think they can have fun and make some money here, when you ensure they won’t even have a chance. When you know programming it’s easy to spot when shady behavior is going on in the scripts. Continue running the scam but once the reports done expect the domain to be pulled in a few weeks.

My friend fantasy is something while reality is another. If you went to MIT you would have been busy working for big corporations, no disrespect but thats it. If you will have a proof, we can talk.


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