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1 hour ago, TheTiminator said:

@observe I didn’t even see this reply until just now so I apologize for not responding sooner.  You are right. I was in a bad mood that day and being a sore loser so I was just being irrational.  I would never report a gambling site to any regulatory agency because if the site were a scam, it wouldn’t last long so there would be no need to waste my time reporting it. This site is legit. .  And I wouldn’t give a bad review either simply because they don’t have any impact on a site.  Not to mention I wouldn’t want to cause harm to a business just because I didn’t get my way.  I know talking about reporting them in their forum is just as bad but it’s all talk which I have sense stopped trying to make such comments because they’re immature and fueled from frustration.  Having said that, the games on this site have a way lower RTP for me than other comparable sites but that’s why I will just play where I can win and wish good luck/congratulations to those that can win on this site or that have a better RTP than I get.  

no need to apologize, it's easy to jump right into being pissed off when the casinos' cleverly placed little nuances suck you into having a great time giving them all your money. Bonuses are an advertising mechanism. They are just another part of their amazingly complex and effective  revenue factory. Just bear that in mind every time you're about to lose it over something that doesn't work the way you thought they said it was supposed to work 😀. And always remember, you are paying for entertainment, so try not to limit the scope of your entertainability to hitting jackpots and flipping bonuses for profit.

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  • @TheTiminatorI'd also like to make a separate point to inform you that this casino is on the bleeding fucking edge of innovation in the entire industry. My personal favorite for dozens of very good reasons. My love for this place runs so deep it's a tender hatred, like the slow burning embers under you on your botched viking burial float, where you are just waking up from a bad whack on the head, warm and comfortable all the way up until you open your eyes and realize all of your friends and family are standing safe on the river bank celebrating as you burn alive. You could jump up and say, “hey, I'm alive!“ but they would just cheer you on and party harder, and they are all so happy you were alive, it's better to just let them have it and burn, rather than spend the rest of your life covered in inoperable burn tissue wondering if they will celebrate like that the next time you die. I love this casino. It's the best at everything casinos do, and the worst at hiding everything casinos don't want you to know they do. I pray every time i make a deposit here they don't exit scam. 


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I also often play slots to unlock bcd, but the slot eats up all my coins before I unlock it. Thank you for the good information.

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On 4/17/2021 at 1:52 PM, 2HaNdTuGGeR said:

if that is how it is working then i would have almost all my bcd unlocked. and if thats really what u think then u should look into it, not just for me, but for everyone else on the site getting fucked over by bc.game.. Ive tried talking to support Danny and u know what i got. Jack shit. Actually i take that back.  I did hear a few crickets in the background.  So ill take my losses. fuck it. And im sure ill get the same from u. crickets as well. Because the casino never takes blame. they just hear what u have to say and decide whether or not its an issue to deal with or a user they should put on there ignore list. Whats it gonna be Danny??? I was doing my moms calculus homework when i was in the 1st grade. Im no jackass when it comes to mathematics. So if ur equation is right then so is my math..


On 4/19/2021 at 2:12 AM, Danny777 said:

what issue are you facing with Blackjack? we are happy to assist you , kindly visit our support we can once again check your issue 

Do we want to make a considerable disturbance and shed light on issues that appear being ignored because I can make a ruckus? *smirk.  

Let's get facts stated :

Let's get formulas: calculated:

Let's get the reality of what is going on stated:

And then have Tos started, which will supersede any of the above and by which from my analysis Support and all the backers of Bc.project which claims to be"  probably fair" but hides the git hub project details.  I have not dug further into this since I enjoy playing, whether winning or losing(mostly losing) 60 % terrible decisions on my part, 20% what is to be expected when playing online casinos, and the other 20% bc—cheating and sticking to tos clauses.  Such as if there is an error in the game or a malfunction, players will not be refunded, and bc game is not liable for any loss due to malfunction.   

Hence if they ever admitted any error does anyone think they would refund any of it back to players that lost? More likely, they would issue rewards or bonuses that would entice new players to the game and high stakes spending players to stay in the game.  I for sure have found a glitch in an in-house bc game. Due to a programming error, and have pointed it out to support. Nothing was done 

I also have proved and pointed out the coin drop issue and auto bots that snatch up the coins ( which I firmly believe are either in house bc created, friends of administration/support of bc.game or known players to the above mentioned and if not, then lastly bc.game that has licensed or purchased the bc.game project of git hub does not know how to stop that or counter it. or could care less)

So unless there is a large enough group that wants to start a ruckus or Support /bc.game starts caring what players think or when mistakes or errors are found, nothing will be done. Either play somewhere else or accept the flaws of this site and do not waste your time and energy fighting a battle that will result in nothing being some about it.  As more and more players report bc.game and as more reviews about the site come out, bc game will either fall or rise.. That is ultimately up to bc.game support, staff, and administration.. And what they decide to fix or change.. Enough gaming commissions take notice, I doubt bc.game would pass inspections with flying colors (opinion)..  

My understanding of probably fair is

server seed = secret. Player seed is not secret.  The game has a code to determine an outcome, and once the result is calculated from the hidden seed, it can not be changed. And hence can verify it was not changed using the seeds and hash to verify.


 (Opinión) what is not probably fair and different from "Real legitimate" casinos is the code used to calculate the outcome using such seeds.. 

In theory, possible: Such as add a line of code to check if a player ever changes seeds; if not, then can >>

Or code to calculate if the player is an all-in bet or what percentage of the player's bankroll is the bet being placed. So then can>>

Or how many players are betting and what amounts are the highest and or determine players betting patterns so then can .>>>

>>precalculate the outcome and convert the outcome using the existing server seed so it matches the hash when  playera wishes to verify after so   they can claim they are probably fair

ok my small rant is done. Good Day 





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Provably fair means all the results are pre-determined once both seeds are generated and as long as you keep using the seed all past and future results can be checked and not changed.


the server seed is hidden from player cause if player knows both seed he knows the next result and can bet accordingly to win.

Casino knows both seeds and know the next result. However they dont know how the player would bet. Player can bet small on next losing and big on winning ones and there is nothing casino can do to change that. Hence making it fair


If you always bet exactly the same then they would know exactly where in the seed you would go bust but if you stop and change pattern before hand there us nothing they can do.


there is no conspiracy here to make players lose. Once you change seed you should be able to calculate the results from prior seed for as many bet as u want even ones u havent made yet

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